Jeremy Kirk

Information Security Journalist

Jeremy Kirk, Information Security Media Group, journalist, ISMG


I'm an executive editor based in Sydney with the Information Security Media Group, a publishing and events company focused on computer security. I write news, opinion and conduct video and audio interviews. Ex-IDG computer security writer in London and Sydney and former military affairs writer in Seoul.

I'm the co-author of "No Dead Monkeys: The Communications Survival Guide for Startups," Andiron Press, 2015.

Awards: 2020 Highly Commended, Best Security Journalist, Australian IT Journalism Awards (aka the Lizzies)
2019 Winner, Best Security Journalist, Australian IT Journalism Awards


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Speaking on a panel about cyber risk and ransomware with Jonathan Englert, cofounder of RedPhone Cyber, and Matthew Moore, senior vice president in Moody’s Corporate Finance Group, at Moody's Credit Trends Australia event on March. 10, 2022.

Discussing U.S. election tampering and misinformation on the ABC's tech podcast, Download This Show, on Oct. 28, 2020.

Recent work


Podcast series   The Ransomware Files

The Ransomware Files podcast tells stories about ransomware, one of the greatest crime waves the internet has ever seen

LA School District Forewarned of Malware, Attack Risks, Sept. 9, 2022

LA School District Accounts Appear on Dark Web Before Attack, Sept. 7, 2022

Cybercriminal Service 'EvilProxy' Seeks to Hijack Accounts, Sept. 5, 2022


Ukrainian Researcher Leaks Conti Ransomware Gang Data, Feb. 28, 2022

There's a Clear Line From the REvil Ransomware to Russia, July 14, 2021

In Ransomware Battle, Bitcoin May Actually Be an Ally, June 18, 2021


Buying Breached Data: When Is It Ethical?, March 31, 2021

How Did the Exchange Server Exploit Leak?, March 14, 2021

SonicWall Was Hacked. Was it Also Extorted?, Feb. 23, 2021


The Accellion Mess: What Went Wrong?, Feb. 3, 2021

SolarWinds: The Hunt to Figure Out Who Was Infected, Dec. 16, 2020

Video Why Did Instagram Leak Minors' Email Addresses Again?, Dec. 3, 2020

How a Game Developer Leaked 46 Million Accounts, Nov. 12, 2020

Video How an IoT Door Lock Actually Provided a Way In, Oct. 29, 2020

Home Loan Trading Platform Exposes Mortgage Documentation, Oct. 21, 2020

Exclusive: Hackers Hit Virgin Mobile in Saudi Arabia, Sept. 21, 2020


Does This Exposed Chinese Database Pose a Security Threat?, Sept. 14, 2020

Video Full Stop: Vulnerabilities in IoT Traffic Light Systems, Sept. 8, 2020

Video  Why It's Illegal to Fix Your Internet-Connected Device, July 20, 2020

Baby's First Data Breach: App Exposes Baby Photos, Videos, Jan. 14, 2020


A $200,000 Internet Fraud: Will Anyone Investigate?, Dec. 9, 2019

FaceApp's Real Score: A Mathematical Face Feature Set, Aug. 2, 2019


How a Big Rock Revealed a Tesla XSS Vulnerability, July 16, 2019


Instagram Shows Kids' Contact Details in Plain Sight, June 14, 2019

OK Computer: Did Radiohead Get Hacked?, June 12, 2019

Australian Child-Tracking Smartwatch Vulnerable to Hackers, April 15, 2019

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Discussing SIM hijacking on the ABC's tech podcast, Download This Show, on Oct. 26, 2018.

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